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Patients with symptoms of neuropathy problems such as 
Chronic foot pain or
Foot Inflammation or 
Loss of sensation or 
Loss of balance

Although Anodyne is often associated with the treatment of diabetic complications such as neuropathy, its benefits extend far and beyond.

Ask yourself the following questions to decide if treatments with Anodyne Therapy are right for you:


Do you suffer from shooting, stabbing or tingling pain in your arms, hands, feet or legs?
Do you suffer from Diabetes, PVD, or another condition that is causing poor circulation?
Have you recently undergone a course of Chemotherapy?
Do you have a painful injury that just won't go away?
Does muscle spasm or muscle stiffness keep you from participating in activites you love?
If you can answer YES to any of the images above you are likely anexcellent candidate for treatment with either Professional or Consumer Anodyne Therapy Systems.


 Clinics using Anodyne therapy have seen complelling results for a variety of conditions ranging from:
- Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation or feeling)
- Slow healing wounds
- Diabetic ulcers
- Sprains
- Arthritis
- Stress Fractures
- Bursitis
- Edema
- Tendonitis
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Temporal Mandibular Joint disorders ("TMJ")

What is Anodyne?

Anodyne is a treatment that uses light energy, which dramatically increases criculation in the area to which it is applied. Light-emitting diodes are fitted into flexible pads that can be applied directly to the skin on any affected part of the body. The light energy helps increase blood flow by delivering healing cells and nutrients to the injured site. How does it feel Like? Most patients experience a soothing warmth during Anodyne Therapy treatments. However, some experience a tingling sensation or slight discomfort at first. This is a good sign that the blood flow is increasing to the area and should go away after a few treatments.

How Does It Work

Anodyne therapy consists of 10 to 20 sessions lasting about 45 minutes each. During this time, infrared light energy penetrates patients tissues and increases blood circulation up to 400 percent. It is this increase in circulation that results in relief of pain and rapid wound healing. 

Light energy helps your body release a gas called Nitric Oxide from your own red blood cells. This powerful molecule plays a critical role in the health of your arteries; Anodyne increases its production resulting in pain relief and improved circulation. Three scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1998 for their discoveries surrounding Nitric Oxide and its effect on the cardiovascular system.  Read more @ http://nobelprize.org/.

By increasing local circulation, Anodyne treatments address the underlying cause of many types of pain – poor circulation. Pain medications may only further mask symptoms, and many people can not tolerate their side-effects.

According to published clinical data on the Anodyne Infrared Therapy System, 51% of patients were actually able to reduce or eliminate their use of pain medications!

Treatments with Anodyne Therapy Systems have been documented to increase local circulation up to 1300%. The photographs below show changes in circulation to the feet after only 20 minutes of treatment.

Anodyne Therapy 45 mw diodes – Circulation increase after 45 minutes

Patient #1 Pre-Scan

Patient #1 Post-Scan


Left foot +138.8% 
Right foot +251.5%

Patient #2 Pre-Scan

Patient #2 Post-Scan


Left foot +279.7%
Right foot +254.5%

Advantages of Anodyne Machine

  • Safe,
  • Effective,
  • Helps prevents complications of diabetic neuropathy such as wounds/ulcers/amputations,
  • Gives relief from pain and thereby improves quality of life,
  • Is painless,
  • Totally non-invasive,
  • An effective alternative to prescription medication
  • Available as Professional or Home use models
  • Can be self administered (after consultation with Doctor),
  • Portable (Can carry it with you while traveling),

Safety and Pre-cautions

Anodyne Therapy may be used over or near Anodyne Therapy may NOT be used over or near
    Any part of the body - including the spine
    Metal implants, plates, pins and screws
    Active cancerous tumors
    The womb during pregnancy
    Topical heating or cooling agents, or their residuals
    Pain patches, or their residuals

Anodyne Therapy has no known drug interactions or side-effects. However, please review these precautions:

  • Anodyne Therapy is an infrared-thermal modality, and thus, there is a slight risk of a superficial burn. This risk is significantly reduced when our safe-use guidelines are followed.
  • Sometimes there is a slight increase in tingling or burning initially as blood flow increases. This typically resolves within the first 6-8 treatments.Talk to your doctor if this sensation lasts for more than 2 weeks.
  • If you have diabetes, you should monitor your blood sugars regularly, as you are begining a new excercise program. Note: the use of Anodyne Therapy alone has not been shown to cause hypoglycemia.
  • If you have an active maligancy or cancer, please contact your Doctor before taking Anodyne Therapy, as you may not be a candidate for treatment with Anodyne Infrared Therapy
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