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"Diabetic foot care division of Jain Institute of Vascular sciences, unit of Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital is one of the leading diabetic foot care providers in India, seeing about 2000 patients/month. we have used anodyne (MIRE) therapy from last 5 years, in about 1800 patients. The therapy has provided significant, sustained relief from diabetic neuropathic symptoms of the feet in about 80% of the patients. This has minimum maintenance and we continue to use is now and in future."

Dr. K.R. Suresh,
Vice president - Diabetic foot society of India
Editorial Board- Annals of Vascular Surgery (USA) Immediate Past president- Vascular Society of India

I had a severe pain in my hands, leg, feet and arms. I was finding it difficult to control the pain. I started using Anodyne Therapy and found great relief. Now I'am better as I'am regularly taking Anodyne Therapy treatment at home. WHY DON'T YOU ALSO USE ANODYNE?????????????

Sundar Menon - Kozhikode

I'hv had sleepless nights due to severe and unbearable pain in my legs and feet. Anodyne Therapy has been a miracle in my life. It vanished all my pains. Now I'am able to walk, run and also Drive. It is a wonderful product.

Pramod - Mumbai

I consulted my neurologist as I was having severe nueropathy problem in my foot. He recommended Anodyne Therapy. After the therapy, my quality of life has improved and I'am  able to do all my work myself without any problem. Now I have stopped taking all pain medications.  

Rajneesh - New Delhi
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